WHAT IS 24/7+ ?

24/7+ is a project designed specifically to help older Australians aged over 45 become more involved in health and recreation.

As we age it becomes increasingly important to maintain physical activity in a safe and comfortable environment, but despite the known benefits of regular exercise, only a small portion of those aged over 45 are meeting physical activity guidelines.

We want to change that.

We offer an exclusive suite of benefits designed for mature age members, including an initial training program, mature aged staff with specialised training and small group classes to meet the specific needs of older Australians.


As we reach our 40’s the likelihood that we will have some challenges with our health or specific body part increases significantly. It may be in the form of a chronic condition such as diabetes or arthritis or it may come under the heading of a biomechanical problem, for example back pain or joint problems. By the time we are 50, any damage and/or poor management of our body in the past starts to manifest. It is important to excercise at all ages but from our 40’s onwards it becomes essential to introduce a specific program and adhere to it diligently.

From our early 40s, our muscle mass is slowly being eroded and in our later years the process escalates unless we introduce special measures to reduce the loss. At no other time in our life is it more important to introduce progressive resistance exercise, or weight training, along with a balanced program including stretching and cardiovascular exercises.

Weight training does not mean lifting huge weights with the aim of bulking up. It means doing what you are capable of, and progressively increasing as your body becomes stronger. This means you should seek help from an expert with what weights you should be doing and how often, and when you should increase what you are doing.

Our small team of trainers specialising in exercise for mature age participants will design a program specific to your needs and ensure you start out the right way. And, there’s no additonal cost for your initial program. When you become a member of Peninsula Fitness we include this for you.

User friendly equipment

Choosing the right equipment for seniors is crucial in avoiding the risk of injury. However, different people have different needs, and the right equipment depends on personal preferences. We have a large range of resistance machines perfect for low impact weight training, along with a wide range of cardio equipment such as recumbent and upright bikes, elliptical cross trainers, rowing machines and much more.

Exclusive programs for you

We have trainers specialising in exercise for mature age participants who will design a program specific to your needs. There’s no additonal cost for your initial program and you can also select from a range of self paced workouts available at anytime in our gyms just to keep your exercise regime fresh and excting.  You can also learn how to get the most out of our functional training equipment with a free Functional Training Instruction session. When you become a member of Peninsula Fitness we include all this for you.

Working with over 45’s

Most of our team are themselves over 45 and understand the very specific exercise needs of this age range. It’s extremely important to ensure you exercise in a sustainable and safe manner and avoid injury. There are many exercises perfect for older people and members of our team have undertaken specialised training in this area to guide our members in the right direction.

Small group classes – COMING SOON

Working out with others in a small group setting is a great way to stay motivated and have fun exercising. We have a range of classes designed exclusively for over 45’s including Yoga, Functional Training, Stength & Stretch and more. Our team have undertaken specialised training for working with older participants and make sure our classes are appropriate for this age range as well as being fun and sociable.


24/7+ is a program exclusively designed for over 45’s with our goal to increase gym membership and exercise participation rates of older Australians.  We provide everything you need to either get started or continue on your exercise journey whilst having fun and seeing the results of your efforts. Our equipment is easy and safe to use, we provide an initial training program for you to follow and we have many existing members over the age of 45. Most of our staff are also in the same age range. There is no additional cost to our great value membership plans at Peninsula Fitness to enjoy the benefits of 24/7+.

Contact our club owner Leyre Farrar for more information and how you can get started. info@peninsulafitness.com.au or 0410 601641.

We offer a free trial period,  so come along and find out if 24/7+ is for you.

Health and Wellbeing Queensland and Queensland Government Logos

The Queensland Government in conjunction with Health and Wellbeing Queensland provided a grant to Your Travel & Cruise Pty Ltd for the Peninsula Fitness 24/7+ Project to enable Queenslanders to participate in sport and recreation activities.